Tools - Information on the software you will need to use this site and general information regarding copyright and license issues

All of the sound recordings on this site have been compressed into the .MP3 format .... the MP3 format uses heavy compression to deliver a near CD quality recording in conjunction with a low file size which therefore increases the amount of files that can be stored in a specific webspace and gives a relatively short download time.

.MP3 files can be replayed using the Windows Media Player (which comes as standard with Microsoft Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 5) .. whilst this does work, for the best results I suggest you use the Winamp player .. Winamp was designed to replay MP3 files originally (although it now supports all multimedia sound files) and as such it does produce the best sound quality .. Winamp is Freeware.

Get Winamp Here! Click on the Winamp logo to find out more and download the software.

A number of people have asked if I can post sounds in .WAV format or if there is any way of making them into .WAV files from the current .MP3 format - well firstly - I prefer the MP3 format and the compression works well, however you CAN change them into .WAV format with the use of a program called MP32WAV - a search on Yahoo or similar should give you a couple of places to download the program.

Zip file downloads

All downloadable files, soundfiles or pictures, are compressed using Winzip .. this is done for two reasons .. 1, to further reduce the size of files and 2, to save the license "read me" file along with the Audio or Picture file. In order to decompress or "Unzip" the files once downloaded you will need to download Winzip .. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) supply Winzip and other utilities with your startup software package or offer downloads of Winzip and other utility software from thier website .. otherwise you can follow the link below to find out more and download the software.

Get Winzip Now! Click on the Winzip logo to find out more and download the software.

License and Copyright Information

All of the files on this site are here for your enjoyment ... Please feel free to download the files and enjoy them within the following guidelines ..
1. Any files on this site are licensed to you once downloaded to use on your own computer(s) only.
2. They may be distributed only if done "as is" complete with license or "read-me" file (for example to allow a friend or colleague without internet access to hear or see the file)
3. The files may not be doctored or edited in any way whatsoever and cannot be used in train simulation programs without prior permission.
4. The files may not be uploaded to or displayed on any other webspace (this includes direct links to files).
5. The files remain the property of A J Slater unless stated otherwise.
6. Any other questions regarding usage should be directed to A J Slater by email or to the owner of the file or picture whose email address will appear next to the item.

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