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29/10/2012: End of the line for ELR MSTS Route .....

The East Lancashire Railway add-on Route for Microsoft Train Simulator has now been withdrawn from sale. Microsoft no longer make or support MSTS and the software has served the restoration project for Co-Bo D5705 extremely well. The group would like to extend their thanks to everyone who has purchased the software over the years.

26/01/2012: Busy, Busy .....

You will, no doubt, have noticed the distinct lack of updates to the BRDW website. Since the hosting difficulties which caused problems between 2006 and 2009 I haven't been able to devote enough time to this site and have become more involved with the ELR Diesel group, helping them with website development and fundraising. This and personal circumstances have prevented me from updating here at all really. The BRDW site will eventually get a revamp and be updated including some of the now large backlog of recordings made since 2006/7 but it's not really possible for me to put a timescale on this at the moment, sorry.

The websites I have been working on for the ELR are below:


I have now got a new mailing list facility set up, so if you'd like to to join please go to the mail page or click here

09/03/2010: D9531.com updated and BRDW status update

First of all the website for Class 14, D9531, has been updated as the restoration project is now back on track. Reports from workgroups will be posted there and the site has been brought up to date. Have a look at www.d9531.com

The BRDW site has remained unchanged although I have been doing a few small bits of housekeeping. It is likely that some of the now old 'new' stuff from late 2006 & early 2007 onwards will be uploaded hopefully later in the year although I can't be any more specific than that I'm afraid. I'll do my best though.

02/05/2009: Hosting difficulties etc

Regular visitors to the site will have noticed nothing has happened for quite some time. The problems began following a hacker attack on the previous hosting company's servers, this lead them to reset everyone's passwords. I had been trying to contact Steve Jones, who had been looking after the webspace, for some time before this outage, but following it I was locked out of the FTP server and couldn't make contact to solve the problem.

Regaining access to the brdw domain and getting new hosting has been a complete nightmare and has cost a few quid along the way too but after 2½+ years without access I've now succeeded in releasing the domain name and re-establishing it elsewhere on the net (the address remains the same - www.brdw.co.uk)

I'd like to thank Steve Jones for his help in running the site upto 2006. If anyone reading knows Steve (from Telford, not his CFPS namesake) then please pass on my thanks and best wishes.

Personally I've not had the best couple of years and as a result I've not been out and about gathering thrash quite as much. This is likely to remain the case for a while but there is quite a bit of new stuff to get through from late 2006 upto date. It'll be a while before anything new is loaded and there are some areas of the site that need sorting out following the transfer but at least the site is back online again.

If you notice any broken links or anything please send an email to let me know. As a temporary measure please use the address tpo at brdw dot co dot uk.

Andy Slater

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